Format 2 – Statue of Cyrus 18 Inches

We have designed and produced an 18″ tall Statue of Cyrus and it’s available for purchase. Please Contact us if you want to purchase the statue.

Format 7 – Statue of Cyrus in Persian Gulf

In order to revive ancient Persian history and culture, Jamshid Foundation had conceptualized The Statue of Cyrus The Great to be built and installed in harbor city of Bandar Lengeh in Persian Gulf.

May the light of the statue of Cyrus the Great standing tall with arms raised in symbolizing gesture of his proclaiming the Declaration of Human Rights to be seen by ships passing through the Persian Gulf.

Format 4 – Cyrus Statue in a City Park

One of the options for the project is to place a full size statue of Cyrus the Great in a city park. The following are illustrations of the project